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Before asphalt repairs in Shrewsbury, MA
After asphalt repairs in Shrewsbury, MA
Asphalt Patches

To maximize the life span of asphalt surfaces, repairs may be necessary over time. If problem areas are left untreated they will continue to deteriorate and could result in a larger and more costly repair as opposed to a quick fix. The four typical areas of concern that an asphalt patch may be recommended for are:
Pot Holes
Spider Web or Alligator Cracking
Heaved areas which can cause trip hazards

Depressed areas that have settled over time ( possibly early signs of a sink hole developing )
Any of these issues can be quickly and efficiently remedied with asphalt paving. The type of patch or repair is determined by the cause of the asphalt failure. The solution can vary from a conventional patch, an infrared asphalt repair, or mill and fill ( which is essentially scarifying off the top layer and then repaving.)

Pioneer Sealcoat LLC, serving Worcester and Shrewsbury, MA, is happy to review all of the options available to help you determine which asphalt repair and paving method is best for your asphalt maintenance needs.