Crack Sealing

The most important Preventative Maintenance step you can do for your asphalt parking lot or driveway is Crack Sealing! Cracks naturally develop in asphalt due to oxidation and pavement deterioration. Neglected cracks allow moisture and other harmful substances to erode the subbase of an asphalt surface. This accelerates the deterioration of the asphalt and is commonly evidenced by the following conditions:
1. The formation of voids under the pavement
2. The alligatoring or spider web cracking of larger areas
3. Heaving due to the Freeze/Thaw cycle
4. Potholes and other trip hazards
5. Complete Failure
Hot Rubber Crack Seal — Asphalt Service in Worcester, MA

Crack Sealing 1 — Asphalt Service in Worcester, MA
Crack Sealing 2 — Asphalt Service in Worcester, MA

Proper repair of cracks 1/4 inch wide or larger is paramount to maintaining and extending the life cycle of your asphalt. The professional crews of Pioneer Sealcoat, LLC are experienced in the cleaning and repairing of cracks. We know the methods, have the most up to date equipment, and always use the highest quality commercial grade products.

Our proven process includes first cleaning the cracks with pressurized air. Vegetation and other impediments to proper crack sealing are cleared with a grazor wheel or hot air lance. The cracks are then sealed using hot-applied rubberized joint sealer that exceeds Federal Highway Specifications.

Crack Sealing is the foundation of a successful asphalt maintenance program. Every 2-3 years, pavement should be inspected to see if additional crack sealing is needed.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" - Ben Franklin
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