Infrared Asphalt Repair

Road Asphalt - Before asphalt repairs in Shrewsbury, MA
Road Repair - Before asphalt repairs in Shrewsbury, MA
Pioneer Sealcoat, LLC is pleased to be one of the industry's leaders in the central Massachusetts area offering this state of the art technology. As opposed to a conventional patch, this technology offers a higher quality, more permanent solution and repair. Time, material, and labor costs are reduced significantly which ultimately means cost savings for you.

Our state of the art infrared asphalt heater is lowered onto the area in need of restoration. We then heat the surrounding area of the defect with infrared rays. This allows the area of repair to be reworked with asphalt tools. We add new asphalt as needed to get the area back to the proper grade and then compact the heated area to the unheated area.

The repair is then fused to the entire asphalt area through thermal bonding. The result is a restored area of asphalt without any cold joints or avenues for future water penetration. Because the old and new asphalt is blended together, the repair is better both aesthetically and for the environment because fewer raw materials are used.
Infrared Patch Repair — Asphalt Service in Worcester, MA
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